There was a time when I read the local TV news with Anthony H. Wilson.

As a television presenter he had the rare ability to be the same human being in two dimensions as he was in three.

He also had the gift of writing out loud. What went down on paper and then came out of the telly was always Wilson.


Tony also enjoyed making things as difficult as possible for no apparent reason.

In 1985 he decided to mark the launch of the Liverpool based movie Letter to Brezhnev with a live report from the city.

The technology at his disposal was as follows: new but unreliable outside broadcast facilities in the shape of shiny blue Range Rovers with big antennae on top; ENG tapes for his packaged pieces; massive ACR cassettes for movie clips and other bits and bobs of archive footage; and quarter inch audio tape with which to play in music.

Wilson being Wilson decided to use everything and his script was a wonder to behold. When it landed on our desks it looked like a printout of the human genome. Continue reading “A LASTING MEMORY OF ANTHONY H. WILSON”


PLUM GOES TO WAR – P. G. Wodehouse, internee.

Young men, starting out in life, have often asked me, “How do I become an Internee?” Well, there are several methods. My own was to buy a villa in Le Touquet on the coast of France and stay there till the Germans came along. This is probably the best and simplest system. You buy the villa and the Germans do the rest.

So began the internment of P. G. Wodehouse and a route through various parts of Europe that ended in Berlin – where Plum, as he was affectionately known, made his notorious broadcasts on Nazi airwaves.

Internment as described by Wodehouse is pure comedy…but he is plainly not at liberty to say that there was enormous hardship too…The story is Allo Allo meets The Great Escape – even though he didn’t, or even try…

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