I haven’t posted for some time because there has been precious little to say.

My Goodreads Giveaway cost me the price of 10 books. So far, in return, I have received one very kind 5 star review. Its £70 price tag seems high, and consumed many of my royalties earned to date, but it is worth its weight in gold to a writer who desires praise from people he doesn’t know from Adam.

Having sold 140 copies – almost halfway to my 300 target – sales have flatlined, throwing a bright light on my lack of marketing strategy which extends only to social media.

This has had an upside for me, the discovery of Instagram and how to make content for it.

thebumblingboy has only 90 followers but high levels of engagement, and of course reach is important in terms of awareness raising. It is impossible to tell if this activity has inspired even a single sale, but creating and posting is fun and quick, and allows me to respond to events and dates in the calendar.

So I will let the pictures do the talking. Here are the nominations for my very own Instagrammy.





Author: Mark Gorton

I am a television producer making things for screens large and small. In my spare time I write, with a particular interest in fantastic fiction and sport non-fiction. It is an honour to host Samantha Kwok's local news site, the Blackwater Bugle. Blackwater never ceases to amaze.

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