Having uploaded the cover of the paperback version of The Utterly Amazing Bumbling-Boy VS The Green Bogey I can price the book.

Out of the cover price comes the cost of printing and amazon’s commission. Truth is, even though printing costs almost $3.50US per unit I feel I can’t go beyond $8.75US or £6.99GBP – even though any royalty I receive will be less than that generated by a sale of the eBook at $2.99US.


If I sell an eBook I receive $2.06; if I sell a paperback it’s $1.81.

It’s not about the money, though – unfortunately.

The book is now ‘in review’. It could take 72 hours to win approval. Time, but not much of it, to think about other stuff.

My promotional strategy is far from in place. Although I have a press release and various assets for both print and digital I have no promotional video. It will have to wait.

My social media plan depends on a bunch of images I have made. Much as I like them I doubt they will go viral.

The Utterly Amazing Bumbling-Boy graphics grid

I will launch an email campaign to friends and colleagues but just the thought of it makes me feel nervous. It’s just not done. It’s not cricket.

However, luckily I am reminded of an Al Capone quote: “They call it murder,” he said. “I call it business.” In all the films I’ve seen featuring Capone he seemed a popular sort of a guy despite his unsavoury nature. Maybe I can get away with it, too, but remember to pay my income tax.

I have built an author website using Wix. For the time being I will stick with the free platform. If traffic warrants it I will upgrade to a premium account.

Mark Gorton website screenshot

The Blackwater Bugle is also live now but unvisited. I am not going to risk a year’s subscription on something that may have a very short shelf life, so again I’ll stick with the free model and all the things I can’t do, like removing dates and author names, will have to stay undone.

Blackwater Bugle screenshot

A setback. Someone or some thing at Kindle Direct has spotted my use of Harry Potter as a keyword and deemed it unsuitable. My Inspector Harry Potter has a slender grasp of the law and wouldn’t have a view. My feeling is that, yes, I’ve been found out. I make the change and re-submit.

Right now I feel I am making mistakes. Before I publish I should have some real sense of how I am going to make the book even barely visible, apart from a grab bag of possibilities. Like any aspiring writer I have hope, but hope is not a strategy.

No time to think about this any more because earth shattering news arrives. My eBook is now on sale at amazon. The paperback is still processing as the cover has to go through an approval process before being deemed fit to print.

I am going to have to buy the eBook, even though, right now, I am sick of the sight of it. 

Right, I’m back, having just made my first sale – to myself.

You can buy it too. Go on. Go mad. Click or tap right here. You won’t be disappointed.*

It will be interesting to see how the scoreboard ticks over. In cricketing terms, will sales numbers be a scintillating Virat Kholi or watchful Geoff Boycott? It will have something to do with the state of the pitch, which I read one more time on amazon and conclude I can’t do any better.

Hold on, another mail from Kindle – the paperback is on sale, too.

To be continued…

I hope.


* The writer of this blog cannot be held responsible for people who are disappointed.


Author: Mark Gorton

I am a television producer making things for screens large and small. In my spare time I write, with a particular interest in fantastic fiction and sport non-fiction. It is an honour to host Samantha Kwok's local news site, the Blackwater Bugle. Blackwater never ceases to amaze.

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