http://soundcloud.com/mark-and-the-gortones/mark-track-1 – Hear a Northern Soul classic tortured and finally murdered. By me.

Round about 1970 was when I joined the in-crowd.  I cut off my hair, learnt how to get my kicks out on the floor, and swore I’d just keep on keepin’ on.  Northern Soul was a unique phenomenon, youngsters from Lancaster down to Stoke seeking out the best American dance music the rest of the world seemed to ignore.

I  have no idea how it began, although I seem to remember the Stax label becoming a crucial part of the northern music scene in the late sixties. I grew up in Blackburn and, when I was eleven or twelve, I heard about the Stax club that had opened up there.  Suddenly, and almost impossibly, ‘Blackburn’ sounded exciting, the way ‘Nashville’ and ‘Memphis’ did on the radio.

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